Moab, Utah

If its reputation doesn’t call impressive extremes to mind consider how many places you know with destinations like Poison Spider Mesa and Dead Horse Point. Even the road signs have oddly specific messages warning “Eagles on Road.”

Serving as home to world class bouldering, mountain biking, off-roading and rafting it’s one expansive adult playground where the Jeep population is so near the population of the town itself you’d think the vehicles had voting rights.

Although most often divided into North and South Moab we hunted out BLM land to the east and west and were not disappointed. Temps can rise to 115º in full summer. Luckily we caught 65º and partly cloudy for most days… unluckily we caught rain every night. Nonetheless, there’s real satisfaction in dozing off to the sound of rain testing the nylon walls of your temporary home.

We were able to camp alone on the cliffs of Longs Canyon, wake up and off-road down into its belly, play a little target practice with road signs and hop onto the soft sandstone below for some sport climbing and bouldering. And that was only the first morning. 

Last notes - for some non-campfire grub head to Milts or the Moab Diner. You will find burgers and milkshakes in abundance.