Masters of Flight

With a two seater, tail dragger, propellor powered human flight machine known as an Aviat Husky at our fingertips we opted to have an unconventional Friday morning.

There isn't much up there.
It's a privileged region for only the masters of flight.
To hover off the Earth's crust and overcome the ceaseless pull of gravity is a rare and temporary victory. Fleeting and flying go hand in hand. Men spend their lifetimes training to pilot our man-made metal birds into the skies. Just as birds are born with the gift of flight, we were given curiosity and wonder and our endless search for the next frontier will keep pulling us farther and farther off the surface of our little blue rock. 

A 4:30am alarm would get us to the hanger, through safety checks and into the air early enough to catch sunrise over Colorado Springs. We flew over Garden of the Gods on our way to circumnavigate the summit of Pikes Peak. With a full fuel tank and near perfect conditions we continued onward over the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, the Royal Gorge, and NORAD before dropping back to the ground to catch a 9:30am breakfast.