Idle Musings

A small collection of short poems
from 2015-2017


"I think of it from time to time
As I’m crossing the street it crosses my mind
a thought comet orbiting my ceiling some nights
and I pause and I smile since I enjoy the reminding."


"Sometime you miss this
the bliss in the thisness
of an imperfect day
not on your wishlist
but pucker up fishlips
and give it a big kiss
because it feels pretty good
to be alive
and to witness."


"Yes ma’am said the yes man,
I once got snagged on a what if
and slipped on a puddle of potential.
Now I say yes when I can
and smile when I can’t,
run when I can
and walk when I can’t.
Forward is a pace ma’am
but life’s not a race damnit,
it’s an attitude."



"Like any good friend, I see what you see, but I also see you."