Google in Las Vegas

I took a drive from Denver to Red Rock Campground (Las Vegas) to run Art Direction on a Google shoot.

Hours behind a steering wheel are meditative by my standards. Unplug and let your idle thoughts provide the soundtrack to a slideshow of western America. Weaving through mountains, canyons, tunnels and rivers the visual sensations wash over you like a hit Netflix series, episode after episode, town after town. Your path is clear, A to B, and you're lost only in mindlessness as the mile markers rip by.

Note: The mesas in Moab are snowy as all get out in February. Dead Horse Point made for a good halfway point but a terrible campsite. Driving in the dark, I accidently began a descent into Longs Canyon at 11:30pm which was a challenging 4x4 road when I attempted it last fall under sunny conditions and with a second Jeep as back up. I was stuck on a steep hairpin turn, in the snow, in the dark, alone.  It took some serious shimmying, a lot of digging and about 30 minutes to climb back out.
I promptly applied water and heat to some dehydrated lasagna and nodded off in my driver seat. The trip improved thereafter.