The Painter

The studio of dutch painter Martijn Caspar Swart. It's pronounced Martiiiiine, like a fine wine and we met under strange circumstances Martijn and I.

He gave me an orange toy dinosaur and a cuban cigar. I gave him a ride home to Seattle after our 10-day Vipassana meditation. Two strangers diving into a four hour ride together after over a week without holding a single conversation. When Martijn visits places he doesn’t run around taking a hundred photos. He finds his subject, he takes out his canvas and oils, and he observes. For a few hours he finds the right shapes and colors and gestures. A FEW HOURS. How differently would you see the world if you observed for even ten minutes, life continuing to move when you stopped?

As Henry Miller likes to say,
Stay put! And watch the world go round.

You can find Martijn's work online at: