Grizzly Peak, Colorado

At 13,996'
there wasn't a lot of talking.

The wind pulled away your words. Fast and cold.

High up on the Continental Divide, Grizzly Peak rests in the shadows of its better-known neighbors, Grays and Torreys.  It lacks the highly acclaimed designation of a '14er' because it reaches 4' shy of the mark.

In a lot of ways it's like Pluto. Once considered over 14,000' it was stripped of its title with the onset of more accurate instrumentation. In my mind it's still a 14er, Pluto is still a planet and this peak might as well be on it because it feels
out there.

I saw a couple blackbirds and just as many hikers. 

Colorado, USA.
Sure can get the heart rate up.

Pluto is not a planet. It is a dwarf planet. A designation more apt for its characteristics after closer investigation using more accurate instrumentation.